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Graduate Diploma in Gerontology | SUSS

As the needs of the rapidly ageing population in Singapore are getting more specialised, the demand for trained professionals in Gerontology is growing exponentially. SUSS is the first University in Singapore to offer holistic Gerontology programmes, stackable from graduate certificate, graduate certificate, graduate in diploma to PhD in Gerontology, for a rewarding career in the eldercare and the silver sector.

Our graduates not only acquire advanced knowledge and skills to be leaders and consultants in the field of gerontology. They can perform challenging roles and functions in both government and private sectors thanks to our interdisciplinary approach, valuable internship opportunities and tie-ups with industry partners to be involved in real-world community projects.

Our strong alumni network enhances our students’ experience through international dialogues with scholars and practitioners who are passionate about ageing matters.

For students in Master of Gerontology, we also offer unique specialisations on Applied Research, Management and Practice, as well as a wide range of scholarships and financial aids, given the importance and future progression of this exciting field.

For more information on our programmes, please visit below:


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