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since 2012

U 3rd Age (University of the Third Age) is a community of seniors coming together to share learning experiences and social-cultural values. It organizes activities for seniors to achieve active ageing and have fun in later life learning. U 3rd Age also creates a platform to connect with younger generations by sharing life experiences, family values, and personal stories.

U 3rd Age is an environment where respect for life as a learning journey - making mistakes, missing opportunities, and learning to understand each other's wisdom and cultural values. It is also the place where cafe conversations are held. It is such activities that contribute to one's developmental learning.

U 3rd Age believes that seniors can seek meanings in their life, through lifelong learning and social networking. It is by sharing experiences and making friends - regardless of whether they are rich, highly educated, or had held high job positions - that happy and active ageing is achieved.

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