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SMS Knowledge Café is a place where people can meet seniors to have fun and productive conversations to learn from each other and to make a better sense of living in an urban community. The objective of the SMS Knowledge Café is to encourage peer-led discussion among seniors and learning in small groups for seniors.

SMS (Seniors-Meet-Seniors)

Knowledge Cafe


Sharing of Learning Experiences

Seniors share learning experiences with their peers on social-cultural values. They also deliberate and discuss relevant topics of interest that concern them. Such learning experiences promote social bonding and seniors are having fun and laughter at the same time on hilarious topics. They thus achieve active ageing through their participation.

Educational Tours

Educational tours are organised to places that will benefit seniors such as the National Museum and Bollywood Veg Farm. The museum’s visit has particularly reminisced the childhood days of the seniors as it exhibits toys and games played during their period. It also showcases favourite collectibles amassed by them in the same period.

Nostalgic Visits

Visits to nostalgic locations such as ChinaTown, and the last kampong of Singapore. These locations bring back fond memories of the past era and remind the seniors on what the areas used to be and how they have changed over time.

Connection with Younger Generations

Younger generations have occasionally joined SMS Knowledge Café and benefitted on the sharing of life experiences, family values and personal stories by the seniors.


eSMS is where people 'meet' virtually to share fun and productive conversations, to learn from each other and share some positivity especially during COVID-19.

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