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Emmaus Strategies - Join us in appreciating our transport workers!

Emmaus Strategies and Project Merci are back again and this time we are celebrating our transport workers. Be part of #TransmitThanks Movement.

Join us in appreciating our transport workers!

We want to bring your thank yous along with care packs to our transport workers all across the island. This is scheduled to be on 7 Mar 2020 but we will be doing other runs, so keep your appreciation coming!

Transport workers are another group of unsung heroes in our community's fight against COVID-19. They bravely carry out their duties so that we and all the other frontline workers can get about our business and mission. They may put in extra hours and effort to ensure that our journey is safe while at the same time having to ferry people to and from within an enclosed air-conditioned environment.

We are #NotTakingForGranted and we want to encourage them. You can #TransmitThanks and by posting your thank yous. It will just take a couple of minutes but we believe it will bless our transport workers to know they are not forgotten amidst all that is happening.4 simple steps to how you can be a part: 1. SCAN / VISIT - Scan the QR code below or go to 2. POST your thank you message and/or photo 3. TAG it with hashtag #MovingThanksSG 4. NUDGE a friend by tagging them to encourage them to join too.

Your message should then appear on our wall at in about 15 minutes.

Project Merci will then retrieve these messages and include them in the care packs they will be sharing with them.

For more information on this meaningful youth initiative, please visit them on Facebook.

Find out more at

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