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Health & Wellness Silver Series, StayHome Daily Webinars

Looking for new ways to stay happy and healthy in your silver years? Join us this week for more inspirational webinar sessions, brought to you by the People’s Association, SUSS’s Gerontology Programme, and Sport Singapore!

4 May - Breaking the Circuit with Active Health

5 May - Silver Talk Show

6 May - Breaking the Circuit with Active Health

7 May - How to Lead a Longer, Happier & Healthier Life

8 May - Positivity Through the Generations

As a part of the Health & Wellness Silver Series StayHome Daily Webinars, titled Positivity Through the Generations, Thomas and Carol Kuan was invited as a father-and-daughter duo to share tips on how to build happiness and positivity within the family amidst the COVID-19 situation.


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