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Emmaus Strategies - Have you taken the time to say a simple thank you to all our unsung heroes?

As our lives go on amidst the COVID-19 situation, have you taken the time to say a simple thank you to all our unsung heroes?

You can do so simply by: 1. SAY a simple thank you as you see them 2. SEND them an electronic thank you card. You are welcome to use any of our Singlish e-cards at 3. JOIN in any of the gratitude activities happening across the island by looking through our improved directory. More than 50 initiatives have been collated over the last 3 weeks. Visit

  1. Here are some unsung heroes you can thank: ⦿ Healthcare professionals who work round the clock to attend to those who are unwell and who try to contain the virus ⦿ Cleaning staff who help ensure our home, work and surrounding environments are clean and hygienic ⦿ Domestic Employees and Migrant workers for continuing to maintain and construct our homeland ⦿ Transportation staff who help us get from place to place as we go about our businesses ⦿ Teaching and childcare and student care professionals who continue to educate our children while we work ⦿ Airport, seaport and delivery staff who ensure people and goods get to where they need to be ⦿ Grocers, hawkers and Pasar aunties and uncles who ensure we have our daily supplies and food to eat ⦿ Leaders who have to quickly take in information and make quick and decisive decisions for the interest of their organizations and communities ⦿ Scientists who work round the clock to study the virus and find the possible cure ⦿ Home Team (Immigrations, Police, SCDF) & Security Personnel who keep us well and safe ⦿ Nonprofit staff and volunteers who ensure that those who are in need are not left behind and receive the care they need and so on.

Share with us your experience in the comments or share a public post with the hashtag #TransmitThanks.

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