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Founders' Memorial: Launch of +65 journal, with first issue on "Home"

"It's been an honour for some of our members to be involved in the design workshop."

A total of over 200 Singaporeans from different walks of life, including seniors, took part in various sessions from August 2020 to March 2021. The workshop participants gave useful inputs that would inform the next stage of development of the Founders’ Memorial.

+65 is an annual journal published by the Founders’ Memorial. The first issue of +65 – an annual, free-of-charge journal on Singapore’s post-independence history and society, as part of building public interest in and ownership of our post-independence history, and to contribute to thought leadership in this area.

Each issue of the journal will take on a different theme and explore different facets of how post-independent history is interpreted, represented and remembered. It will also look at the ethos of modern Singapore as shaped by its founding history, exploring the relationship between national policy and lived experiences through visual culture, artefacts from the National Collection, and personal stories.

The digital version of +65 is available at or the QR code in the EDM.

A Journal published by the Founders’ Memorial.

National Heritage Board.


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