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Chew Ho Son

Mr. Chew Ho Son graduated from the Nanyang University. He worked at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) from 1981 - 2009 and was the former Director of Finance at NTU. Mr Chew received his professional calligraphy training at Tsing Hua University in Beijing. He has been sharing his passion for the Chinese culture and calligraphy through teaching at various communities.

Janice Tay

Janice has always been passionate about crafts and has been pursuing it full-time since she retired. In recent years, she started to do craft weaving using only eco-friendly materials made from paper pulp and creates beautiful handbags, baskets and household items. She hopes to share her skills and interests with others who are equally passionate in learning crafts.

Fiona Tham

Fiona learned Chinese Ink Painting a few years ago at LaSalle College of the Arts. Since then, it has unleashed her latent talent of artistic skills and her artworks has flourished extensively. Fiona has also been actively contributing her gifted skill in many areas of community works.

Pearl Tang

Pearl has great passion in art & crafts. 
Her interests includes crochet, knitting, decoupage, polymer clay sculpture, pastel art and jewellery-making. 

Pearl is a certified facilitator and trainer with WDA–ACTA. She has over 15 years of experience in training and education.  
She is also a PA trainer. 
Pearl is currently active in conducting art and craft lessons at various centres for the seniors.

Catherine Loo

Catherine was born in Hong Kong and had lived in Canada for 30 years. Since coming to Singapore in Sept 2007, Catherine has been an active member and a volunteer for WINGS starting 2009. Her outgoing and sociable personality has gained her many new Singaporean friends. She enjoys teaching and has been sharing her skills with her peers on courses like Sudoku, Paper Craft, Chair Exercise and Fondant decoration.

Alan Wong

Alan picked up drawing as a hobby and mainly self-taught, while he was a young student. He enjoys Chinese calligraphy, water colour painting, oil painting and more, however, his personal favourite is portrait sketching. Retired at age 69, Alan actively volunteers in community services and provides free tuition to students from single parent family.

Dolly Yeo

Dolly Yeo, A Certified Life Coach has over 16 years of Life and Parent Coaching experience
in organisations, corporate and schools. She was a Speaker in Parenting Congress, Lifelong
Learning Institute and Featured in WomenTalk TV; 93.8Live as well as in Ministry of
Health on how she overcome challenges in life, develop resilience and move on to inspire
and empower others.

Tang May Mey

Tang May Mey is currently a Visual Arts Program instructor with the Down Syndrome Association. Besides painting in acrylics and watercolours, she has also conducted various craft workshops on Decoupage, Clay Art, Plaster-cast Sculpture, Gold Foil Engraving, Flower Arrangement and Towel Folding for their members. She volunteers at GoodLife Montfort Care and AWWA Day Care Centre sharing her skills in painting and crafts to the elderly.

Tan Kim Yang

Kim's passion for handmade crafts started in 2017 when she attended a crafts workshop at her workplace subsidized by the SkillFuture Credit. She went on to explore and learn more handicrafts when she is not working. She enjoys learning and bringing joy to others through handicrafts. Kim is also passionate about other DIY crafts like handmade soaps, scented waxflower tablets, candles and much more.

Jennifer Lim

Jennifer is an arts and crafts enthusiast. She has attended art appreciation classes at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) and keeps herself abreast of all kinds of crafts. As a strong supporter of active ageing, active learning, lifelong learning, she is passionate about sharing her skills and knowledge.

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