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Encouraging the use of alternative methods to reduce plastic product usage, an HCI students project

A group of secondary 2 students from Hwa Chong Institution, Puay Keane Yu, Jayden Chua, and Melton Tan have completed another project that is on plastic waste and the aim of their project is to encourage people to use alternative methods to reduce plastic product usage.

To encourage their audience on this subject, they have produced a video, a poster, and a set of presentation slides to explain the impact of plastic waste and what our seniors can do to contribute to this effort.

Reducing the usage of plastic products such as plastic bags, containers, and utensils will help reduce pollution in our environment. Oceans, sea sides and residential areas are often seen with lots of plastic bags and bottles. It was even found that if plastic bottles are not disposed of properly, it would take as long as 450 years for it to decompose.

For more information about how to reduce plastic waste and save our environment, please access our website at

In July last year, a group of HCI boys shared “Introducing E-payment to the Senior Generation” as part of their project work during SMS Knowledge Cafe. It was a great intergenerational session where we all learned from one another.

The above does not represent the views of U 3rd Age and was done by students as part of their school project.


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