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Project about Online Phishing by HCI students

"Hi everyone, I am Puay Keane Yu from Hwa Chong Institution. Last year, we shared our materials about reducing plastic waste with you and we received good responses. This year, together with my teammates (Evan Lye and Kang Kenzu), we have completed another project that is on online phishing and the aim of our project is to educate the seniors on ways to identify and avoid phishing scams so that they would be safe while using online platforms.

To educate the seniors, we have produced a video, a poster, and a set of presentation slides to explain the impacts of online phishing and the various methods that can be used to identify and avoid phishing scams.

Let's catch That Phish! - An informational skit done by a group of Hwa Chong students

Click on the link above to view the video the students have produced. The above video is accessible via Google Drive.

Online Phishing Teaching Slides (English)
Download PPTX • 2.01MB

Online Phishing Teaching Slides (Chinese)
Download PPTX • 2.01MB

"Thank you U 3rd Age for your support in sharing our project." - Puay Keane Yu, Evan Lye and Kang Kenzu

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