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EnvisAGE 2021

An online symposium where industry players and distinguished seniors envision meaningful ageing together

The National Library Board (NLB), in collaboration with the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), will be organising an online symposium, EnvisAGE 2021 on 11 Jun 2021. There will be a range of exciting programmes such as talks and panel discussions to engage our community to think about gerontology-related topics. You will also get to hear from distinguished seniors on what motivates them to realise their dreams and aspirations!

What will the future of ageing look like? Join professionals in gerontology and distinguished seniors in exploring a vision of ageing that is enabling, empowering, fulfilling and meaningful. Take a deep dive into various aspects such as living arrangements, physical and mental well-being, reminiscence therapy, virtual reality tours and entrepreneurship.

This series of programmes will be hosted on Zoom.

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[Programme Highlights]

- The Future of Aged Care:

- The Value of Specialisation in Gerontology:

- Senior Living Options Around the Globe:

- Virtual Reality Tourism for Seniors:

- Reminiscence in Dementia Care:

- Motivation for Entrepreneurship and Active Ageing:

EnvisAGE Poster
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